By now, most are safely staying in their homes to practice social distancing. I work from home, so I know how difficult it is to be stuck at home. And now, you also feel stress when going to the grocery store.  

Most teachers are starting to shift their paradigm on teaching. And for many, this will be a hard thing to do. How does a kindergarten class go digital? What about a PE class? What about our CTE classes that have skills labs? What will they do?  

Over the next few days, I will share ideas of activities for a variety of classes that are not digital-friendly.  

On Tuesday, I was asked what to do for PE. Here are a few of my ideas. If you have any ideas that would work for a PE class, please send an email to me ,and I will add your ideas to the blog post.  

Ideas for Secondary PE

  1. Have students keep a journal to track their daily activity. This can be done with Google Docs, or the student can write on paper and email photos of the pages.  
    1. Require 30 minutes of activity, then 20-30 minutes of answering journal prompts.
      1. What did activity did you do today? 
      2. How did you feel while doing it? Tired? Energized? Bored? 
      3. Why did you choose this activity? 
      4. What activity will you choose tomorrow?   

B. Have students create an activity tracker so they can see their progress in the journal.  

2. Collect YouTube videos of a variety of exercises, and have students watch and participate.  Have the students use the journal prompts above to discuss why they choose the videos.

3. Have students create a video or slide presentation of an exercise plan for other students. Require that activity is one that would be able to last for 30 minutes.

Ideas for Elementary PE

      1. Have students go outside and play for 60 minutes every day. This will help the children and parents!  
      1. Have students take their parents on a nature hike.
      1. Have students ride their bikes.

These are just a few things that you could do as a PE teacher that would satisfy your lesson plan requirement but also help your students become more active. What are some of your ideas? Like and share with other teachers on our Facebook page: 

Stay safe, and please take care of yourself. Try not to stress. You will look back in a few years and tell people that you were a teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic, so you can handle anything.