Accurate Grade Reporting

As this historic school year winds down, some painful problems have raised their head. One issue is so bad that I feel we need to address it with the legislature: student accountability when it comes to classwork.  Teachers across the state have reached out, telling horror stories of administrations that forced them to give students

Upcoming Teacher Contracts And The Future

Today is the last of our three-part series about your rights during this time. We will occasionally look at the rights of educators in the Education Code so you can see if your district is doing what is right by its teachers.  Have you signed your contract for next year? Is your district already speaking

Who Really Has The Power in Grading?

In today’s entry, we will discuss the teacher’s responsibility in grading. We all know this, but do we stand up for our rights when dealing with it? Have you ever really had to defend your grades? Have you had an administrator require a grade change?  This has bothered me for years. Who has control of

Documentation…How Much is Too Much?

Today, we are starting a three-part series that will look into the rights that teachers have as directed by the Education Code of Texas. Some of these rights have already been violated by school districts. Most teachers will know these, but many may be new to education or new to Texas and may not know

3 Ideas to Convert your PE class to a Digital Learning Classroom

By now, most are safely staying in their homes to practice social distancing. I work from home, so I know how difficult it is to be stuck at home. And now, you also feel stress when going to the grocery store.   Most teachers are starting to shift their paradigm on teaching. And for many,