5 Things to Remember When Preparing for the First Day of School

Next week many of you will start back to school.  Others will start back the following week. We all know that you have not been just sitting around waiting for the school year to begin.  Many have been designing, making, and buying for their classroom all summer. This is also the time to remember a

Your Opinions Do Matter

The 86th Legislative session is over and teacher did not fair as well as we would’ve liked.   HB3 is being touted as the greatest bill to ever happen for education, but it left teachers’ financial life in the hands of district administrators that have proven over the years they care more about the district

What is Happening in Austin with TRS

Late last week, the Texas House voted on SB 12 but it came with House Committee substitutions, so those differences will have to be ironed out in a conference committee between the two chambers. SB 12 is labeled as “Securing Texas Teachers’ Future” and on the surface, it does sound as if it could be

The STAAR & the 86th Legislature

I believe that I can speak for most people when I say that the STAAR needs to go.  We are over testing our kids and they are not retaining information.  What our teachers and students need is an old fashion assessment test to check for growth in a student, have they learned something during the

What Are The Plans for Teacher Pay?

I spent Monday and Tuesday down in Austin, working on the four legislative priorities for Teachers for Texas.  Everyone wanted to speak about SB 3.  On Tuesday, the Pub Ed committee met to introduce their bill in response to SB 3.  A quick SB 3 summary, would give classroom teachers and librarians $5,000 more a