One Teacher’s Story about Today’s Healthcare Struggles

Healthcare only became part of the national conversation during the Great Depression and New Deal, when companies working under wage controls began offering it as a way to attract better quality employees.  That is still the case today.  When an industry offers better healthcare and healthy wages, they are often mobbed with candidates. Teaching today

Is The STAAR Test Good For Our Students

Ask any teacher about the STAAR test and they will most likely groan.  I have never met a teacher that thought that the STAAR was worth their time and was beneficial for students.  Now, that doesn’t mean that those teachers that love the STAAR don’t exist, I’m sure there’s a few but I’m guessing the

The Start of Something New

In August of this year, I resigned my position as a teacher after 13 years. Why would I do that you ask? Why would I give up the rest of my retirement and a job at school that I loved? It was definitely a difficult decision. The decision that took some soul searching. Yet it